Artist Statement

Within my studio art practice, I analyze the broad theme of identity through a confessional methodology.  My work navigates the paradox of simultaneously revealing and concealing aspects of my personal narrative through various mediums and applications, which include printmaking, mixed media drawing, artist books, and artist interventions.  This range of creative styles allows me to direct my studio work on concept driven art pieces, rather than focusing my effort within any particular aesthetic or style.  Within each body of work, I analyze various cultural constructions that have greatly impacted my perception of self—romantic love, addiction, masochism, etc.  In confessing aspects of the personal through both visual imagery and written text, I explore vulnerability and submission to a dominant viewer.

At the heart of my practice is confessional writing, which I complete through the process of visual journaling.  A visual journal, which combines both text and image through a layering process, provides me the space to explore ideas unencumbered by the natural impulse to share these works with a viewing public.  This stage of creative development stems from my experience as a personal columnist.  As a journalist I am conditioned to writing that is concise and clear, while my visual journals allow me the freedom to explore through poetic and fragmentary thoughts.  Overall, my work provides few answers; rather it offers my experience as a means of posing the questions that challenge us all.