Rick Scott Is My Hero , performance, ongoing, 2015

Rick Scott Is My Hero, performance, ongoing, 2015

In response to the current politics surrounding the issue of climate change, performance and video artist Betsy Johnson and I collaborated on an ongoing performance entitled Rick Scott is My Hero.  The performance consists of campaigning for the elimination of the term "climate change" from the entire state of Florida, which follows the recent news discovery that Governor Rick Scott has "banned" the use of the term from the Department of Environmental Protection's communications—including emails and reports.

In addition to the physical performance where we campaign and encourage participants to sign our petition, the work exists digitally through the creation of the website: www.rickscottismyhero.com.  Here, the viewer may become educated on the advocacy group's political statement, purchase t-shirts, and sign the digital petition.  The website and the printed materials simulate the aesthetic of political protest.

This artwork questions political tone concerning climate change through absurdity.  While some viewers understand the sarcastic undertone of this piece, others vehemently resist and argue with us while we are performing.  This variance in response demonstrates the controversy that surrounds the debate on climate change, in addition to the power of politically engaged performance art.