Photos by Jahfre Colbert

The Things You Left Behind, performance, 90 minutes, 2016.

For this interactive performance, the gallery was staged with a bed and a rolling rack of clothing that was forgotten or left at my apartment after having sex with that individual.  I put on each piece of clothing on top of one another, which included 10 shirts, a tie, a sock, two hats, one necklace, one bracelet, two pairs of sweatpants, six pairs of underwear.  After putting on each item, I approached a man in the audience and asked the following questions in this order:

  • Do you like what I'm wearing?
  • It's not mine, it's borrowed.  I can show you how I borrowed it if you want?
  • Do you want to come to bed with me?
  • (Once in bed) Do you want to take off a piece of clothing for me?
  • Do you want to kiss me?

If the participant gave me a piece of his clothing, I would put this on in addition to the rest of the staged items.  Throughout the course of the performance, two additional shirts, a sock, and a hat were collected from other men.